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"Jermark Plumbing was awarded the tender and I must say it was the best decision that the Board could have made. Over the course of 5 months, their crew of roughly 20 was onsite to re-pipe 540 units in two buildings. The supervisors of the project, Terry, Chris & Dennis were fantastic to work with and ensured that while they were in my owner's homes that they were clean, quick and respectful and were always willing to help the home owners where they could. Mark Cohen was a pleasure to work with also and was very helpful toward me particularly when dealing with the politics of the Kitec pipe issues within the building. The project both started and ended on time and the owners at the Essex Condominiums cannot stop raving about how wonderful the entire crew was. I have worked with many contractors over my years as a Property Manager and Jermark Plumbing is one of the best that I have come across in a long time, highly recommended". 

- Jennifer Morley

  Property Manager, DEL Property Management

"We are pleased to recommend Jermark for domestic water piping replacement projects...all stakeholders were very satisfied with Jermark's job performance and professionalism in completing the job on schedule and within budget". 

- Ivan Murgic

  Vice President, Greenock Investments Ltd.

"In the view of the complexity of the work and logistics, Jermark performance of the work was at a very high level. The job was well staffed with qualified plumbers and supervised accordingly...They were a pleasure to deal with and backed up their work with a 10 year warranty. As a result, we have no hesitation in recommending this firm".

- Mark Aber

  Property Consultant, Northwest Property Corp.

"I would like to say that I had so many compliments of how polite, respectful and efficient the crew was. Terry, Chris and Dennis, along with Mark, stuck to every promise made when they tendered the project, and they exceeded all of my expectations and the residents. Jermark didn't go around looking for extras on the project...I would recommend Jermark to any building that has a large project, and wants a professional company as their partner".

- Gabriel Dolnicianu

  Chief Executive Officer, Comfort Property


"what truly won the residents over was your staff. Your Supervisors, Plumbers, and support staff were courteous, polite, professional and knowledgeable. We would not hesitate to recommend Jermark Plumbing to anyone who is considering a repiping job in their building".

- Sid Trevail

  President, Governor's Hill

"I would like to highly recommend Jermark Plumbing & Mechanical Services Limited to anyone considering a large scale plumbing project in a residential high rise condominium. Their price was competitive, they finished exactly on schedule and residents were very happy with their work".

- Peter Mahut

  Property Manager, Brookfield Residential

  Services Ltd. 

"Prior to the starting of the project, the residents were not happy about contractors being in their units for 6 working days. However, when Chris, Dennis and Terry started the project, the residents started complimenting them and the rest of the crew on the work that they were performing and leaving their units clean at the end of each working day...I would like to say that I have worked as a property manager for Brookfield properties for almost 10 years and I have never worked with such an outstanding company".

- Dawn Rogers

  Property Manager, Brookfield Residential Services

"Jermark's team of plumbers, drywallers, tile setters and painters not only kept to the schedule, but accommodated resident concerns in a timely and professional manner. Many residents were apprehensive about how the project would affect them, their unit and the invasion of their home while many trades would be in and out of their home. Once the work was completed, management received numerous remarks by residents thanking the Board and Management for selecting Jermark Plumbing, as they felt "it was like they were never there"! It was very comforting to hear this positive feedback from the residents...In closing, I would without any hesitation recommend Jermark Plumbing to partner with any high-rise building or townhomes".

- Frank A. Puchiele

  General Manager, Wilson Blanchard Management


"I would like to personally thank Terry, Chris and Dennis for their professionalism and attention to detail. While there is always the potential for problems to arise in a project of this magnitude, any challenges were dealt with immediately and contained to a minimum. I would also like to thank Mark for making what started out as an ordeal, an uncomplicated and very satisfying outcome. I would not hesitate to recommend Jermark Plumbing for any pipe replacement or plumbing mechanical issue that would arise in a residential or commercial building. They would be my first call should we encounter any other plumbing challenges moving forward.

- Paul Spence

  President, Quantum 2, The North Tower, TSCC


"When speaking about Jermark, I was continuously impressed by the knowledge, the dedication and more importantly the quality of workmanship demonstrated here at the Waterclub Condominiums.  Jermark’s organizational level in carrying out such a detailed and complex replacement project was at an impressive equal where not only my management team, Board of Directors but residents were extremely pleased. The team(s) that shall be assigned to your site are efficient, professional and exceedingly organized.  My continued use of Jermark as our site’s preferred overall plumbing company demonstrates my comprehensive gratification and trust in having our towers well looked after".

- Maria Ferrante

  Senior Property Manager, ICC Property Management Ltd.


We would like to acknowledge Jermark Plumbing in the very successful replacement of Kitec pipe throughout both buildings along with the restoration of each unit to its original condition. This work is very difficult to perform as the project was completed while residents in the building occupied their homes. Jermark organized and planned for this demanding project using their own staff for all work from wall openings, pipe replacement, quality control, painting and restoration of the units. The project was completed on schedule using the experience of the excellent customer service oriented staff and project managers that were on site daily to ensure residents were informed and able to ask any questions or provide concerns that were dealt with in a timely manner. We were only successful because of the experienced professionals provided by Jermark".

- Nathan Browne

  Senior Property Manager, First Service Residential


"Having such an intrusive and somewhat costly job as a result of a manufacturers defect is not a pleasant prospect but, Jermark Plumbing made an unpleasant circumstance a lot more bearable in every respect. Your staff were outstanding (special thanks to Chris Vachon your Supervisor). Your personnel were personable and professional and completely respectful of my home which was important to me and hard to find in this modern world. They love what they do and it shows. You did the complete job quickly and perfectly and made the entire experience painless".

- Christopher Randall

  President, Waterclub Condominium Corp. 


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