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Kitec Replacement

Kitec, which was a widely used piping product from 1995 until 2007 has since been proven to be defective, and degraded far quicker than expected. As a result, buildings that were piped with Kitec are now at high risk for premature plumbing failures, leaks and damage. 

Jermark replaces Kitec piping with Uponor tubing, a proven, industry leading product. Due to numerous complexities associated with the removal of Kitec, and the high risks for complication and unnecessary costs, it is important to not only have an experienced team on site, but a company that has been recommended by Uponor to install and handle their projects. Jermark cannot change the past, but it can ensure that your new Uponor system will be installed correctly with a 25 year manufacturer's warranty to back it up.

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