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Founded in 1982 by Mark Cohen, Jermark Plumbing and Mechanical has established itself as Toronto's leading plumbing and services firm. Jermark specializes in re-piping, Kitec replacement, and stack cleaning amongst various other plumbing services. What makes Jermark truly unique is its expertise in facilitating large scale operations in high-rise buildings. As Toronto continues to grow vertically, Jermark continues to thrive and perfect its craft. 

While Jermark's expertise is clearly a defining focus point on which the company thrives, its foundation and success truly stems from the company's leadership. When Mark Cohen founded Jermark Plumbing in 1982, he brought with him the hustle and determination required to continuously grow and improve in Canada's most competitive and demanding market. Mark had the vision of a company that really connected with its customers and he sticks to that vision today. For anyone who would prefer to contact Mark directly, feel free to email him at Mark also knew that his company's success would largely stem from its employees, and so he has always prioritized hiring the supervisors and technicians required to execute with a high level. Jermark's employees are not only certified with the highest levels of plumbing expertise, but are also personable and professional to ensure that customer facing jobs go smoothly. Jermark knows that the little things make big differences.

Ultimately, Jermark started as a company that put its customers first and that motivation has led to the reputation of being one of Toronto's leading plumbing and services firms. 

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